Thursday League Registration League is for Age 62 or greater. Play is on Thursday Mornings. Once Registration you will be placed on a team either in the BOOM or Pro Division. Placement will be in the leagues interest of balancing the teams.

Instructions for Filling out the registration form.

I am going to provide instructions for filing out the Thursday League registration form.  The first thing you need to know is the Thursday form is SEPERATE from the Tuesday form so you need to fill it out 1 for each league you will be playing in.  If you play in both then you will need to signup for each league seperatly but only pay 1 ASSOSIATION fee..

Note; This form is to collect your information and what you wish to play.  The total at the end is just to show you the costs. It does not mean you have not paid or anything else. I do not know who has paid and who hasn’t so like every email says to contact Gene Smith.  Telling me what you have done goes nowhere because as stated I do not track payments.

Form Rules

1) Only 1 form submittal for each league is allowed to stop the duplicates.

    a. Select your Tuesday or Thursday League options in the form you are in.

2) Even if you paid the league before you MUST select your play options.    

    a. Selecting ‘No’ for all options will be cause for form rejection and deletion from the system.

3) The form will require you to select something for every field but the ‘Comments’

    a. When I get your verification email out to you do not complain if the data is incorrect because it is what ‘You’ submitted.

                    1. Just send me the correction and your record will be updated.

4) Upon successful submittal you will see the payment methods 

    a. Other method is to look on the site under Tuesday or Thursday League for payment options.

    b. Method 2 is click this link CSS Payment Methods Information

 For Financials please contact Gene.


Thursday League Sessions.

Each sessions runs for ~12 weeks and the fees are $50 plus a $20.00 Association fee. if a player has already paid the $20 annual CSS membership fees as part of the Tuesday League or Thursday League Session 1 then the fee would not be paid again.

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