• We play two games and both will be 50 minutes plus one.
  • 5 runs per inning with last inning being unlimited.  If the timer goes off at 50 minutes in the 5th inning, then 6th inning would be unlimited. If the timer goes off in the 4th inning, then the 5th inning would be unlimited.
  • We use the flip-flop rule if the home team is down more than 10 runs going into the last inning. Then the home team would bat first in the last inning.
  • No umpires.
  • A batter cannot be thrown out at first base if he gets clean grounder or fly ball that reaches the grass.
  • No foul outs to the catcher.
  • We will play 11 players on defense.
  • You must be 70 to use a senior bat.
  • If 3 pitches hit the mat without the batter swinging, the batter is called out.
  • One 2-strike foul ball is allowed.
  • Must touch the second home plate when scoring. If you touch the original home plate, then you are out.
  • All players bat.
  • All substitute runners must be done at first base. Only exception is if there is an injury to a runner at second or third.
  • No infield fly rule.
  • No walks.
Yes, it is this easy to have a great time.  If you have any questions then contact your league director.