1. We play a doubleheader against the same team each week and both games will be 5 innings limited to 5 runs per inning plus 1 inning being of unlimited runs, if time allows.  A timer will be used to limit the games to 60 minutes plus 1 inning. We will finish the inning we’re in when the timer goes off and then play 1 additional inning of unlimited runs.
  2. If the weather or other conditions preclude playing 6 innings, the head coaches can agree to play less innings prior to the start of a game or agree to call a game with inclement weather at any time. If a game is called, the score at the end of the last full inning will be final.
  3. A flip-flop rule is to apply if the home team is down more than 10 runs going into the last inning. The home team would bat first in the last inning.
  4. You must be 70 to use a senior designated bat. Otherwise, bats approved for use in Carolina Senior Sports League (CCSL) will be used.
  5. If 3 pitches hit the wooden mat without the batter swinging or the batter swings and misses, the batter is to be called out.
  6. One 2-strike foul ball is allowed. A second 2 strike foul ball is an out.
  7. The catcher will act to count balls and strikes and determine if a pitch is illegal. Legal pitches are between 6’ and 12’ high and illegal pitches must be called by the catcher when they occur. Obvious illegal pitches shall be counted as balls.  A catchers call for pitches is final.
  8. A player will walk with 4 pitches that do not hit the wooden mat or are illegal pitches.
  9. The home run rule of one up is to be used. If a player hits an out-of-the-park home run, any additional home runs by the same team will be considered singles until an out-of-the-park home run is made by the opposing team.  A batter hitting an out-of-the-park home run does not have to run bases.
  10. A batter cannot be thrown out at first base if he gets a clean grounder or fly ball that reaches the grass.
  11. The 1st and 3rd base coaches will make calls in the field for their designated bases, for foul balls, and agree on calls at 2nd base and home plate. Any disputes will be resolved by the home team coach. 
  12. A caught foul ball is an out. Any disputes regarding a caught fly ball will be resolved by the home team coach.
  13. Runners must touch the second home plate when scoring. If the runner touches the original home plate in error, this will be counted as an out.
  14. All players bat. During a double header, the next batter in the lineup at the end of the first game is to be leadoff batter in the second game.
  15. We will play 11 players on defense including a rover (mid-fielder), when available.
  16. A rover (mid-fielder) must play in the infield dirt or behind the 180’ line until the ball is hit. If the line is not marked clearly, an approximate distance shall be used by both teams.
  17. Substitute (pinch) runners can be done at any base at the request of the runner. A substitute (pinch) runner from home plate must start from behind home plate.  A substitute (pinch) runner is limited to once per inning, whenever possible.  
  18. An infield fly rule will not be used.
  19. Sliding into bases is not required, however, if a collision occurs at 2nd or 3rd bases, the runner will be called out.

Above all the rules, let’s remember we’re fortunate to be playing ball with our friends, which is far more important than winning a game.

B.O.O.M. Rules 2023.00

Page Last Updated: SSS 12-1-2023