Welcome to BOOM which affectionately stands for “Bunch Of Old Men”. Open to all guys aged 60+, we play recreational softball on Thursday mornings from March to October at Park Road Park in Charlotte. We may be BOOMers but we act like teenagers when we’re on the field in the bright sunshine.

A maximum of 90 players can participate. Each one is placed on one of six teams. Games last for 50 minutes or 6 innings. Each Thursday each team plays two games. Substitutions are made freely. We don’t use umpires, meaning no one strikes out and safe/out calls are made by the players. All the rules may be found on the Rules tab.

The score is kept but it seems it’s only because it would be a betrayal of the game if it wasn’t. Few us are interested in which team is winning or losing. We’re just happy to be playing softball and enjoying the fellowship we develop. We’re a group that has a true passion to play a sport we love and do it with friends.

Interested? It’s easy to sign up. Just go to the BOOM Sign Up tab and fill out the requested info. We’ll be in touch.
See you at the ballpark!

David Jarrett

BOOM League Director