Senior men’s softball offers some of us a break from our daily grind or possibly an escape from difficult obligations that we find ourselves into.  For most of us, senior softball simply provides an opportunity to get a little exercise while getting some fresh air and making friendships that last a lifetime.  We have a need to get outdoors and get off the couch.  BOOM softball is a “Bunch Of Old Men” who enjoy the time to be with our friends, without being critical of others or being criticized, playing positions the best of our ability, without the pressure of winning or losing but simply having fun. 

While some of us have played softball for years, others have reached the point of our lives where we finally have the time to play a sport that we may not have played for a while or maybe not at all.  With our friend’s encouragement, no matter our skill level, we find we can all learn to be better ball players than when we started, regardless of our age.

We invite you to join our group of ball players, 62 and older, where we play at Park Road Park in Charlotte on Thursday mornings from April through mid-July for our spring season, and from late July through October for our fall season.  If you want a highly competitive sport where winning is your primary objective, BOOM softball is probably not for you.  If you would like to join a group of friendly senior men who play competitive softball where winning is secondary to having fun and enjoying the game, BOOM will be a fun time that you will enjoy. 

Please contact us through the contact email if you have questions or concerns.  

Ken Baily

Ken Bailey

BOOM League Commissioner

Page Last Updated: SSS 12-1-2023