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2020 Tuesday/B.O.O.M. League Registration are Active!
Gentlemen-On 1/31/20 at 11:59 pm our link to sign up for CSS Tuesday night will be disabled so therefore no one will be allowed to sign up via this link past this deadline. We will freeze the PAID ONLY list at the same time and deadline.This list of paid members will be the only players we start to assign to teams for 2020 Spring.  All other non paid people will be added to a wait list and will be added only as needed based on first come, first served plus backed up by the discretion of what the leagues needs.
The BOOM link will be open for 2 more weeks shutting down on Feb 16 at 11:59 pm OR until we reach 90 members who have all paid.
Tuesday League Signup <Click Here>
B.O.O.M. League Signup <Click Here>
Registration Will Close Jan 31, 2020

Kevin Ray Dublin

Last Updated: 01/21/2020, SSS

Sports News

National League.

Welcome to the National League. This division consists of 12 teams – 13 players each, ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans. We love to play the game of softball and many of our 156 players still play some sort of tournament softball. While th

American League.

Welcome to the American Division. This division consists of 8 teams with a makeup of 13 players to each team which allows a total of 104 players. Many of the players in this league still play tournament softball and travel from time to time.

CSS Saturday Practices.

As you know the CSS provides fields on Saturdays based on weather permitting and field availability.  This is considered a non formal practice and we normally have the field (Field 4) from 9-12 PM.  Due to the fact that some players come early and some