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2023 CSS Sports League Registration s now Open!!!!

Were getting ready for 2023 and were making changes.  You see the count down letting you know that you can sign up December 1, 2022.  REMEMBER: Sending money in does not register you. You must fill out the registration form and send in your money to get your spot in the league.

Did you know next year there will be 3 Divisions instead of 2?  The league does what leagues do and we all age.  Next year there will be the American, International, and National Divisions.  More detail will be provided over the next few days.  Also with inflation eventually it even affects our league so new pricing will be coming out. 

Note: Your age is based on how old will you be as of December 31, 2023.

CSS and CSSL 2023 Pricing

CSS LogoDescriptionPrice
AssociationDuesThese are annual fees
only paid 1 time during the year.
Tuesday SpringLeague Plays Tuesday Nights and has 3 divisions.
Play begins mid/late March.
Tuesday FallLeague Plays Tuesday Nights and has 3 divisions.
Play begins in August.
BOOM SpringLeague Plays Thursday mornings and has 2 divisions.
Age 62+ allowed.
Play begins mid/late March.
BOOM FallLeague Plays Thursday mornings and has 2 divisions.
Age 62+ allowed.
Play begins in August.
League Plays is one weekend per month.

Play begins in mid/late March.
Per Team

We have reserved field 4 for practice


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Last Updated: 6/2/2022, SSS

Sports News

Remember The Fallen

As we are lucky enough to play a sport we hold dear to our hearts always remember if you are still angry the next day then you are in the wrong league.   This is to honor not just team mates but family and loved ones that have moved  on and

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CSS Rainout Information

Sign up for Rain Out information. The city/county Park & Rec Dept. has asked us to sign up to receive rain out info sent from the city/county via email or text directly to your phone…. Select Rainout from the Menu Options.

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National Division

Welcome to the National Division. This division consists of 9 teams – 13 players each, ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans. We love to play the game of softball and many of our players still play some sort of tournament softball. While the teams are competitive, our main goals are

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American Division

Welcome to the American Division. This division consists of 9 teams with a makeup of 13 players to each team which allows a total of 117 players. Many of the players in this league still play tournament softball and travel from time to time.

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CSS Saturday Practices

As you know the CSS provides fields on Saturdays based on weather permitting and field availability.  This is considered a non formal practice and we normally have the field (Field 4) from 9-12 PM.  Due to the fact that some players come early and some later each player may not

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