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Kevin Ray Dublin

As you enter the complex
Your temp will be taken before you enter the complex so please be prepared when you enter the park by removing your hat for us to get your temp.
  • Practice social distancing at ALL times always
  • Only 2-3 people in the dugout at all times
  • Pick up the previous batter’s bat by the large end of the bat always
  • We will NOT provide water as we have in the past
  • No handshakes after the practice games
  • Mask use is up to each member to decide if they want to wear a mask or not as this is considered exercising time under Gov Cooper mandates
  • We strongly urge our catchers and umpires to wear mask as this is the closest people will get to one another
  • Your manager will have a COVID waiver release that you must sign before you leave the field for home
  • No sense in getting there too early as we have in the past as there will NOT be any pregame batting practice before the first game…..SORRY
How to be the most effective at your one hour of time
Method to use for practice on both Tuesday nights
     Bat all batters 1-13 clearing the bases at every 3 outs until everyone has batted….switch out to defense….score as many runs as you can with 13 batters…    The last batter just keeps running as he is the last batter

Last Updated: 11/20/2020, SSS

Sports News

National Division.

Welcome to the National Division. This division consists of 9 teams – 13 players each, ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans. We love to play the game of softball and many of our players still play some sort of tournament softball. While the t

American Division.

Welcome to the American Division. This division consists of 9 teams with a makeup of 13 players to each team which allows a total of 117 players. Many of the players in this league still play tournament softball and travel from time to time.

CSS Saturday Practices.

As you know the CSS provides fields on Saturdays based on weather permitting and field availability.  This is considered a non formal practice and we normally have the field (Field 4) from 9-12 PM.  Due to the fact that some players come early and some