CSS Saturday Practices

As you know the CSS provides fields on Saturdays based on weather permitting and field availability.  This is considered a non formal practice and we normally have the field (Field 4) from 9-12 PM.  Due to the fact that some players come early and some later each player may not get to hit the same number of pitches.  Additionally, remember there are no formal pitchers required to be there so you may not get the best to swing at.  But please be considerate as you are not the only player wanting to hit.

Practice Guide Lines:

  1. From 9-11 AM each player can hit up to 15 balls (based on number of players and availability). To get in line to hit you start by collecting and cleaning balls thrown back in and put them in the bucket.
    1. NOTE: If you get there past 10 AM you will not be guaranteed 15 pitches but 10 instead.  If you come after 10:30 you may get 5 pitches or none at all if it enters the scrimmage time so get there early.
  2. From 11 to 12 teams can be picked and a scrimmage will be held if enough players are available and elect to scrimmage.  If not then you can continue to hit until 12PM.
    1. Scrimmage Guidelines
      1. 2 Teams divided evenly with infielders and outfielders
      2. Each team bats through the lineup 2-times per inning (you guys pick your order).
      3. When a team hits 3 outs the bases should be cleared.
  3. >12PM. We only officially have the fields from 9-12 but if no one else is waiting for the field then you may be able to talk other into staying and hitting.
  4. Last but not least HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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