2021 CSS Fall Tuesday League
Welcome to the 2021 Fall League Signup Form. This form is used to collect your registration request information for the Carolina Senior Sports Tuesday Night Fall League.  Once completed you will be contacted to finalize the process and the process is not completed until payment is received.  If the league is full before your payment is received you may be put on a wait list.  Fees for the Fall league will be $50.00 for association members and a once a calendar year association of $20.00 fee if you did not play in the Spring.
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If you are new we would like to know more about your play. When was the last time you played? What level did you play at? How many years have you played? Any physical issues we need to know about like running is difficult, Shoulder torn, etc. Help us help get you in the right level of play.

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League Play will be on Tuesday’s at Park Road Park.

Please note this is NOT a B.O.O.M. League signup form.  BOOM League Form entry entered here will not be processed.